How to earn points?

250 points

Start-up when you register

100 points

Sign-up as Facebook fan

100 points

Book up to 2 nights

150 points

Book from 3 to 4 nights

250 points

Book from 5 to 6 nights

350 points

Book 7 or more nights
At 1000 points you receive a 10% discount



Our way of saying 'thank you' to our best customers

We prize customer loyalty and want to reward those of you who return time  after time.

Perhaps you'll be travelling two or three times during the year or you're making your way around

the world, staying in several cities.

With every booking you'll receive automatic points and when they total 1000 you'll become eligible 

for a 10% discount voucher for use on your next booking.

To start you off we'll give you
250 free points when you register for your first booking enquiry and

you can also earn a further
100 free points by liking us on Facebook and letting us know.

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