Ibiza - A gay getaway?

Ibiza has long been the destination of choice for a gay getaway. With bronzed bodies and Balearic beats, the island's seductive pull for the gay community is plain to see.

However, if visiting the island for the first time, where do you start?

Unlike other popular holiday destinations, such as Gran Canaria, Ibiza does not have a huge gay scene: although don't let this put you off.  There are a few gay clubs and bars around the old town that are quite fun but the real action happens in the superclubs - most of which are pretty mixed.  In fact, the only club that is exclusively gay is Anfora, offering a comforting slice of pop and cheese for those funked out. Among the 'super-clubs', Amnesia, Privilege, Pacha and Space, all have gay friendly parties at least once a week.

A particularly glam night is La Troya, held every Wednesday at Amnesia, with its opening night this year on June 16th. Another big impact for the island's gay scene is the return of Heaven Ibiza, re-opening after an absence of a year or two - a must for those who enjoy its London 'sister'!

Matinee at Amnesia, is pretty hedonistic and very gay - a sea of muscle men, in fact. The Swedish House Mafia and F**K Me I'm Famous nights at Pacha also have a large gay following.

In Ibiza old town, Calle de la Virgen is the main gay street and is occupied by a large number of gay and mixed bars. Figeuretes, the seaside area of Ibiza town, has also developed a scene of its own over the last few years.

When recovering from a particularly raucous night painting the town pink, clubbers can also visit gay beaches.

There's a great daytime vibe at the gay beach Es Cavallett near Ses Salinas - loads of hot guys, a masseur and a cocktail bar.

So, there you have it. All in all, Ibiza is the perfect gay get way