Gay Homestays: In The Press...


Take the perfect 'gaycation' at an LGBT homestay

While it's sweet that 'straight' hotels are making the effort to look after their gay guests, many still remain woefully clueless on what really makes a queer traveller tick. Thankfully, now you can bed down in accomodation where the staff will not only point you to the nearest gay club, but also know Madonna's back catalogue better than the Material Girl herself.


All About Gay Homestays

If the high cost of a hotel rooms has kept you from booking a holiday or business trip, then gayhomestays.com  might be your answer. It's a recession-born web-based business that matches travellers in need of affordable accommodation with homeowners who have spare rooms to rent.  In addition their site also lists gay guesthouses, B&B's and tourists apartments.


The benefits of travelling alone

I love travelling, and I love my friends. But (no offence friends) I can’t take travelling with friends this year, seriously you guys, let’s not do that again anytime soon!  As I had grown out of family holidays after a longer-than-planned stint in a caravan with aunts, uncles and cousins at the beach, the next step was the mad holidays with my best friends.