Gay couple turned away from UK Guesthouse

On March 23rd a British gay couple were turned away from a bed and breakfast by the owner because of their sexuality.

Michael Black and John Morgan, from Cambridgeshire were denied a room at the Swiss B&B in Berkshire by the owner who said the men's lifestyle ran contrary to her Christian beliefs.

The owner Susanne Wilkinson admitted turning away the couple because they were gay.

Mr Black said the couple were "shocked and embarrassed" at the refusal and told the BBC: "We're two respectable middle-aged men – John is leader of the Liberal Democratic group on Huntingdon Town Council.  "This was the first time either of us had experienced homophobia at first hand, despite being aged 56 and 62. We were shocked and embarrassed."

He said that Ms Wilkinson did apologise and refunded their deposit, but "acted in an unwelcoming, cold way".   The British Equality Act of 2006 states that individuals cannot be discriminated on the basis of their sexuality. The couple have reported her to Thames Valley Police, which confirmed the incident was being treated as an homophobic offence.

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