How it works

Earn cash when your visitors book their stay from your site...

1. Booking widget

Your audience will be able to book accommodation directly from your website or blog.

For every confirmed booking you'll receive 1/2 of the commission, on averages €15 (from €30) per booking. 

To assist you further we've added a 14 day cookie window, which means if your customer doesn't purchase immediately, but returns to our site within two weeks, you'll be credited with their booking.

Booking widget Empty

2. Host referral tool

Earn commission from every new hosts that you refer to us.

For every confirmed booking from a referred host you'll receive 1/3 of the commission, on averages €10 (from €30) per booking.

Why not send your followers an email informing them how they can make some extra cash by renting out their spare room or couch. We'll provide you with a unique Host Registration Form, which links your hosts to your account.  From your control panel you'll be able to see the hosts you have referred and track their bookings and your payments.

Host referrals