Frequently asked questions

How long do I have to wait to get approved?
Your account will be activated within one working day. This means your affiliate program can be up and running – and you can be earning money – in no time at all.

Where do I log in to my account?
Log in to your account through ‘Guest login’ situated at the top menu bar.

How much is this program?
The Gay Homestays Affiliate Program is free to all participants.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn as an affiliate?
There is no maximum amount or limit for affiliate earnings. Sites with increased exposure and higher traffic often earn more.

How does the 14-day cookie window work?
There may be occasions whereby a visitor may click through from your site to Gay Homestays, but does not purchase immediately in the same browser session. However, if that visitor comes back to the Gay Homestays website within 14 days and makes a purchase, you will still receive credit for that purchase via a tracking cookie that expires after 14 days.

Do you send payment via Paypal?
Yes, all payout payments are made via Paypal.  Currently this is the only payout option.

What if my account does not reach the minimum payout amount?
Your account will continue to roll over earnings week-to-week. Once your account balance reaches €50 you will be able to request a payout from your control panel and we will pay you within 7 working days.

How do I track my click-through statistics and sales?
Your click-through and sales data is available in your control panel.

Do I control the exposure on my site?
Yes, you control how much or how little you promote the booking widget on your site.  A home page location is the optimal location for the widget and will result in a higher click-through rate compared to other pages.